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Naupaka Bubble Romper


One of my favorite stories growing up was the story of the Naupaka flower...Legend has it that the vengeful goddess Pele separated two lovers which is why we have two half flowers...most of us have only seen Naupaka Kahakai and not Naupaka Kuahiwi.

I wanted to bring these two flowers together to share this beloved story with your ʻohana. Thanks to Kakou Collective, we were able to bring this vision to life! 

Iʻd tell you the story but I don not want to spoil it for you! I hope you take the time to read this story with your ʻohana!


I love putting my girls in Rompers. It can handle the rough and tough play. These rompers do not have snaps because....well, I donʻt like snaps. Sure itʻs easier to get to the diaper but when that baby is rolling around or starts to try to crawl away...I prefer no snaps. 

Sizing for this romper is similar to Carterʻs sizing. Mehana is 7months old and wears 12mo carterʻs onesies and is in a 12mo bubble romper. Kili is 2.5 years old and wearing a size 2T bubble romper. 

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