Silicone Apple Watch Slim Band - KALO - 38/40mm S/M

I wear my Apple Watch daily and I never thought about customizing it until recently. These bands are laser engraved.

This Soft & Durable Silicone Sports Apple Watch Band makes a perfect gift for Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Father's Day or Mother's Day. Or give this as a gift to yourself.

  • Simple lightweight and stylish
  • Easy to install/Remove bands
  • Soft/High-Quality Silicone Sports band
  • Equivalent to M/L silicone band from Apple. Please contact us for S/M equivalent band not listed.


Note: These watch bands may have small flaws in them that arenʻt very noticeable when wearing.


Sizing: The silicone apple sport bands are suitable for apple iWatch Series 4, Series 3, Series 2, Series 1.

  • 38mm & 40mm S/M Size: Suitable for 5.1"-7.1" (130mm-180mm) wrist
  • 38mm & 40mm M/L Size: Suitable for 5.9"-7.9" (150mm-200mm) wrist

  • 42mm & 44mm S/M Size: Suitable for 5.5"-7.5" (140mm-190mm) wrist
  • 42mm & 44mm M/L Size: Suitable for 6.3"-8.3" (160mm-210mm) wrist

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